The ICC experience is like no other and combines the best of two worlds. The undergraduate experience starts with a traditional, on-campus residency experience for the freshman and sophomore years at Cedarville’s main campus, and then transitions to a design-intensive, in-studio hands-on experience that allows students to live in area apartments and become contributors to the local church, professional and cultural communities in the Columbus area.

Each class section progresses through the ICC program together, building deep, long-lasting friendships, and this is not a school to just “hide” and “get classes over with.” Students will work alongside of their professors and visiting working professionals, building relationships, getting mentored and starting their professional network, all while working under real-world deadlines and design challenges.

The ICC also challenges students to put their faith into action and not just be “hearers of the word, but also doers” and to do so by being intentionally missional. It’s no accident that we have exceptional students.

Residence Life

College is a great time for growth, and by the time ICC students transition to the ICC campus in northwest Columbus, they are academic juniors, and ready to dive deeper into their majors and to have more independence. Just like students on Cedarville’s main campus that choose to move into apartments for their junior and senior years, ICC students are still covered by the same community covenant and are classified as off-campus students of the university.

Explore Columbus

Forbes has named Columbus, Ohio as one of the nation’s Top Ten Coolest Cities, and one of the top cities for starts ups, innovation and creativity! The ICC is a proud member of the creativity community in this vibrant and growing culture that is home to so many industrial design and architectural space design firms. it is a special place to learn, grow and live.


While at the ICC, students work on market-relevant projects to create professional portfolios that showcase their work in order to get a design-related job when they graduate. Let the work speak for itself.

Job Placement

ICC graduates are working in top-level, design-related fields at highly-recognizable companies and leading firms with titles like industrial designer, consumer insights researcher, design engineer, interior space designer, and environmental branding designer to name a few. Our grads continue to blaze trails into the top brands in the world!

Semester Calendar

Stay up-to-speed with the rigorous academic schedule.


Alumni Connections

The ICC family continues to grow with an expanding number of design professionals placed in positions around the world. From footwear to military ships for the US Navy, to home electronics and children's play sets, ICC graduates are shaping the future of everyday things, transportation and the spaces where we live, work and play!