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Staff + Instructors

The ICC is made up of industry professionals that bring relevant and challenging design and innovation experience to the student experience every day. While all of the academic measures are in place to assess student learning and growth, we also emphasize their professional preparedness, and how well they are going to contribute to the organization that will ultimately be hiring them. Our instructors know that there has to be a "why" to everything that we teach, and that our students learn best when they are "learning by doing." This experiential learning style of environment attracts the best practitioners and entrepreneurs that understand what the marketplace needs. 


Tom Balliett
CFO, Business Operations, Instructor

Carlos Chang

Brian Hanson
Spiritual Life Development

Tim Hunsicker

Jay Kinsinger

Kirt Moritz

Trayton Ojala
Industrial Designer and Project Specialist

Gabe Pyle
Instructor, Advisor

Jim Stevenson
President, Supporting Instructor

Jacob Tesmer
Industrial Designer and Classroom Assistant