About the ICC

The ICC delivers two primary services – innovation and education

On the innovation side, the International Center for Creativity serves clients through strategic planning, coaching and mentoring of staff, workshops, keynote addresses, retreats, graphic and product design, program development and product launches.

On the education side, the ICC has an exclusive partnership with Cedarville University to deliver a hyper-relevant, and completely fresh Industrial + Innovative Design major that is part of a fully-accredited, liberal arts, undergraduate degree.

The ICC also delivers a cutting edge MBA concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship through Cedarville University.

BA, Industrial and Innovative Design, Undergraduate areas of study:

  • Consumer Product Design

  • Architectural Interior Space Design

  • Architectural Interior Space Design

  • Transportation Design

MBA Concentration:

  • Innovation + Entrepreneurship

Our Story

Great ideas are often born when entrepreneurs collaborate around coffee and brainstorm on napkins. At a local coffee shop, learn how the ICC founders identified a gap in the educational marketplace to recapture the heart, soul and imagination of design through inspiring young people with not just artistic talent, but also the vision and integrity to reshape the future of industrial design.


At the heart of the ICC is a team of instructors and designers who are passionate about inspiring students and professionals alike to unlock their God-given abilities. With excellence as our testimony, the ICC is comprised of educators, innovators and industry professionals from a variety of backgrounds and creative experiences.


Asking questions is always encouraged at the ICC. So, we have captured some of the most commonly asked questions and provided some answers in a single spot.


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We would love to hear from you. Ask questions on one of our programs, schedule a personalized tour or get directions to our design studio.