Corporate Services


The ICC is not just an educational entity. We are also a working creativity think tank and design studio. We have been providing professional services to clients and partners across the globe since our founding, and we can host your retreats, facilitate strategic planning sessions, lead creativity workshops and provide keynote presentations to your company or organization. And if you need to visualize your ideas or develop your products, we can assist with in-house ideation, sketching, rendering, and even tech pack services or referrals.


Sponsored Student Projects

We exist to create impactful and meaningful student experiences and to prepare them for a rapidly-changing and dynamic marketplace. One of the most impactful experiences that a student can have is when they get to work directly with a professional client/partner on a market-relevant design project. If you have ideas that you would like to explore or revisit, want to impact the next generation of design leaders and get to get a firsthand look at up and coming talent, then we need to collaborate on a sponsored student project.

  1. Course Projects include a faculty member, all enrolled students in course, are typically four weeks, and all intellectual property transfer.

  2. Senior Capstone Projects include a faculty advisor, one or two enrolled students, are typically ten weeks, and all intellectual property transfers.

  3. Special Design Challenges include a faculty advisor, a team of students, is conducted outside of specific course restraints, typically last over multiple days and all intellectual property transfers.



Strategic Planning + Workshops

The International Center for Creativity’s Powell, Ohio, campus can host conference-style events with an assembly room that can accommodate up to 80, or smaller meetings of 8 to ten in one of our multiple studios.

Located 20 minutes from both John Glenn International Airport and Downtown Columbus, the campus of the International Center for Creativity combines the best of multiple worlds. The ICC is a retreat-like facility and yet is located just minutes from world class shopping, dining, hotels and sports and entertainment venues.

With facility-wide WiFi, flat screen presentation monitors, easily configurable room arrangements, free parking, kitchenette facilities, and breakout areas, the ICC team can assist in making a memorable and productive meeting, conference or retreat.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can assist you in making your next set of meetings productive, impactful and memorable.



Keynote/Guest Speaker

Creativity and innovation are more and more being recognized as critical skills in today and tomorrow’s economy. The team at the ICC is often called upon to lead discussions and keynote presentations on where marketplaces are heading, best practices in making your brainstorming more productive, and how to inspire teams on using creativity and design thinking to solve your organization’s complex challenges. Please contact us for a list of practical, credible and impactful presenters to transform your company’s next event.



Creative Services

In today’s project-based working environment, companies often need skilled design support, but might not be ready to staff up permanently. Enter the ICC’s Creative Services team. We are first and foremost an educational entity, and never want to compete with the professional firms that hire our students. However, we are often asked to extend the bandwidth of creative services groups, and this can happen through not just our sponsored student projects, but also through our working instructors. We encourage our team to stay sharp and up to date, and supporting your projects can do just that. The creative services team can assist with ideation, rapid sketching, digital rendering and even tech packs for your new and existing products. Please contact us to see how our Creative Services team can support your design team and projects.