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Degree Program with Success: Industrial and Innovative Design


What: Bachelor’s degree

Where: Cedarville University and the International Center for Creativity in Columbus

Why: Every graduate has a job or is pursuing an advanced degree

Salary: Median annual salary is $58,230, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

So far, seven students have graduated from a new industrial and innovative design degree program created by Cedarville and the International Center for Creativity in Columbus. Six of them promptly entered the workforce, and one is pursuing a graduate degree, said Mark Weinstein, Cedarville’s spokesman.

The program is the first of its kind to be offered by a Christian university, and is “a great choice for a student that has a desire to utilize their creative talents in a practical way,” said Jim Stevenson, president of the ICC.

Students spend their first two years at Cedarville and complete their education at the ICC. They choose from four study tracks: consumer product design, transportation design, interior space design or architectural and exterior space design. Like all other Cedarville students, they must complete a Bible minor

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Students spend their first two years on Cedarville’s campus and then come to the ICC campus to study industrial design.