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Ben Ikler – 2017, Nintendo Game Tester

" I was here for about one week when I knew I would be ready for a job. I knew I would be prepared when I left the ICC."
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Nathan Metzler – 2017, Moody Nolan

"The professors really genuinely care about you and how your doing inside of the classroom but also in every day life."

Anna Herman – 2015, 3-Dmed

“Not only have I learned to draw and illustrate, but I have also learned about building my character. Having a good work ethic, positive attitude and doing and saying everything with confidence and conviction are all important characteristics that I have learned through this program.”
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Laney Ticknor – 2013, Visual Merchandiser

“My experience with the ICC was an incredible one. While of course, I learned so much about design and the craft of drawing with the pen and paper, what I find to be most irreplaceable was the confidence I gained. The confidence not only in myself but how to work with others, speak strongly and support the work that I do. Those skills are special and I believe unique to the ICC, especially in our culture today where those strengths are not commonplace. I find myself utilizing what I learned at the ICC on a regular basis in my work life and for that, I am extremely grateful.”

Elena Goodale – 2014, Industrial Designer, Lextant

“Through the emphasis placed on leadership and the integration of real-world experiences, my experience at the International center for creativity provided me the platform to not only surpass my educational goals but to also succeed in the workplace. I am thankful for the professors at the ICC that pushed me towards greatness in all aspects of my life.”
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