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Ben Ikler – 2017, Nintendo Game Tester

” I was here for about one week when I knew I would be ready for a job. I knew I would be prepared when I left the ICC.”

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Nathan Metzler – 2017, Moody Nolan

“The professors really genuinely care about you and how your doing inside of the classroom but also in every day life.”


Anna Herman – 2015, 3-Dmed

“Not only have I learned to draw and illustrate, but I have also learned about building my character. Having a good work ethic, positive attitude and doing and saying everything with confidence and conviction are all important characteristics that I have learned through this program.”

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Laney Ticknor – 2013, Visual Merchandiser

“My experience with the ICC was an incredible one. While of course, I learned so much about design and the craft of drawing with the pen and paper, what I find to be most irreplaceable was the confidence I gained. The confidence not only in myself but how to work with others, speak strongly and support the work that I do. Those skills are special and I believe unique to the ICC, especially in our culture today where those strengths are not commonplace. I find myself utilizing what I learned at the ICC on a regular basis in my work life and for that, I am extremely grateful.”


Elena Goodale – 2014, Industrial Designer, Lextant

“Through the emphasis placed on leadership and the integration of real-world experiences, my experience at the International center for creativity provided me the platform to not only surpass my educational goals but to also succeed in the workplace. I am thankful for the professors at the ICC that pushed me towards greatness in all aspects of my life.”


Steve Lewis – 2014, Design Director, Sterilite

“My experience at the ICC is not one that has stopped after graduation; I continually draw upon the skills and principles I learned there and discover new ways to apply them each day.”


Laura Backer – 2012, Designer, Priority Designs

“Summarizing my rich experience at the ICC would be a feat, but if I were to use one word it would be ‘passionate.’ Not only are the professors passionate about engaging students in the wide-arching field of Industrial Design, but they are fervent about creating an environment where students can be challenged and set up to succeed. Now that I’m in the field, I realize how important passion is and am thankful for the time I had at the ICC.”


Mark Taylor – 2012, Pro-Type Industries

“’It’s dangerous business…walking out your front door.’ Or, in my case, walking into a design program having no creative background to speak of. But I have never been more challenged, invigorated, or reinvented than I was in my time at the International Center for Creativity.”

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Tyler Hagy – 2015, Musser Home Builders

“The ICC gave me an experience that has not only been pivotal in shaping me as an innovative thinker but also has given me a passion and creative confidence to pursue the exciting field of Industrial Design.”

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Jesse Colt – 2015, World Cat

“The ICC has been a huge encouragement in my life. It has pushed me to be a better designer, leader, and most importantly, has helped build my character.”

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Grant Breuker – 2015, Integrated Packaging Systems

“The ICC provides the perfect bridge between Cedarville and the real world. It has blessed me with the people and opportunities to not only grow as a professional but to also grow in my faith.”


Jerrielle Ward – 2015, Mimar Architects & Engineers

“The ICC has both affirmed and confirmed my confidence to move boldly forward, listening not for my own voice or even theirs, but for the God that has granted me the ability to find full freedom in Him and his plans for the future.”