Design Consulting:
The International Center for Creativity is more than an academic institution…it is a working design, consulting and strategy studio and think tank.  Together, the partners have over 75 years of design, strategic planning and marketing experience with some of the largest brands in the world including General Motors, FedEx, Bob Evans, Honda, Little Tikes, Union Tools, Rubbermaid/Newell, Mettler-Toledo, Quaker State, LCI/Qwest, Ford, P&G, Target, Chrysler, Scotts, Century Insurance, Square D, Fisher-Price and more.  Further, the team can refer specialty work, assemble contractors, manage projects and/or facilitate your team’s processes.

Areas of specialty include:

  • Concepting
  • Ideation
  • Product launches
  • Illustration and rendering
  • Models and prototypes
  • Strategic planning

Educational Workshops:
The ICC conducts a variety of custom-tailored workshops that are designed to inspire aspiring young designers to pursue a career in creativity, to equip the emerging designer with additional skills and also to re-inspire the working professional to look at their work differently and deploy new techniques and thinking.  In addition to the design specific workshops, the ICC team has a library of keynote presentations for larger audiences than design.

  • Innovation in Marketing
  • A Creative’s Guide to Surviving “Corporate”
  • Creativity is Not an Accident; Repeatable Creative Success Techniques
  • Make Brainstorming More Productive…and Relevant
  • Strategic Implementation; How to Diagnose Your Project and Predict Success

Instructional DVD’s:
Get in touch with your creativity, gain confidence and master your drawing skills with The J.D. Orr Project Special Edition DVD.
The DVD features Jim “JD” Orr delivering over 150 minutes of hands-instruction. On this DVD, Jim teaches introductory lessons in Drawing in Dynamic Perspective, Rapid Visualization, and Marker Rendering.

  • Drawing in Dynamic Perspective reveals the hidden keys to training your eyes and mind to “see the unseen” and gain a working knowledge of one-point and
    two-point perspective.
  • Rapid Visualization explores the “language of line” to quickly and accurately bring realism, depth and intrigue to your drawings.
  • Marker Rendering tackles the intimidating use of gray-scale markers to bring renderings to life.